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2014/10/01 | Commentary |

Robert D. Eldridge, "Onodera Itsunori: A Once in a Lifetime Defense Minister"

On September 3, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo announced a new Cabinet lineup as part of his mid-term reshuffle of members of his party. One of those who ...

2014/09/08 | Research Report | Diplomacy / International Relations

Futoshi Matsumoto, "Outlook for the Middle East in 2014: The Middle East, Three Years On from the Arab Spring"

[PDF version] (The article appeared originally in Japanese in IIPS Quarterly, dated July 18, 2014). The world is in a state of flux. In East Asia, the...

2014/06/09 | Research Report | Environment / Food / resources / energy

Making Sure the New Basic Energy Plan Does Not Fizzle Out

Katsuyoshi Kokubun (Senior Research Fellow)- Report...

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