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2016/11/18 | Events | Maritime Security | Symposium, Seminar

Symposium on Crisis Management at Sea: Urgent Proposals from the Field, 28 October 2016

28 October 2016 Symposium on Crisis Management at Sea: Urgent Proposals from the Field In March 2016, IIPS formed a Study Group on Maritime Security...

2016/03/14 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 225: Aiko Doden, "Aiming for Inclusive Growth in Myanmar"

[PDF version] NLD wins a landslide victory in a historic electionMyanmar's opposition party the National League for Democracy, led by the democracy ic...

2016/03/10 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 224: Yukiko Fukagawa, "South Korea's TPP Strategy: Reformulating a Dubious Growth Strategy"

[PDF version] South Korea's exports fell 7.9% in 2015, but the country nevertheless surpassed France to rank sixth in the world behind China, the US, ...

2016/01/27 | Asia-pacific Review

Asia-Pacific Review, Vol. 22, No. 2, is released.

The latest issue of the IIPS journal, Asia-Pacific Review, has been released. -------------- Asia-Pacific Review, Vol. 22, Issue 2 (November 2015)http...

2016/01/14 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 223: Toshihiro Kudo, "The Birth of a New Myanmar: The People's and the Military's Choices"

[PDF version] In the general elections held in Myanmar on November 8, 2015, the opposition National League for Democracy (NLD) chaired by Daw Aung San...

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