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2012/12/19 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 168: Hajime Takata, "Japan: A Treasure Trove for Approaches to Dealing with the European Crisis"

[PDF version]The European debt problem and the European government bond crisis have grown to the point of undermining the world economy. Given this, h...

2012/12/13 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 167: Katsuyuki Yakushiji, "The Future of Japanese Domestic Politics and Japan's Path Ahead"

[PDF version]Several times a year the Japanese Diet holds a party leaders' debate modeled on the UK's "Question Time." Each occasion sees the prime mi...

2012/11/30 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 166: Masayuki Tadokoro, "No Conceivable Alternative to Democracy"

[PDF version]Japan's postwar democracy has often been termed phony, a charge arising from the long-maintained single-party rule by the Liberal Democra...

2012/11/13 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 165: Yoshiyuki Kasai, "Nuclear Energy is Indispensable for Japan's Future"

[PDF version]Japan's energy policy is losing its way. This past September, the Democratic Party of Japan's Advisory Committee on Energy and the Enviro...

2012/11/06 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 164: Masashi Nishihara, "Japan Should Stand Firm on the Senkaku Islands Dispute"

[PDF version]China's Claims Are ContradictoryChina's reactions to the Japanese government's decision on September 11 to buy the Senkaku (Diaoyu in Chi...

2012/10/31 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 163: Takeji Ino, "The Case for Long-Term Assistance for Egypt"

[PDF version]On June 30 Mohamed Morsi assumed the presidency, an office whose authority had been severely restricted by the Supreme Council of the Arm...

2012/10/09 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 162: Takashi Kawakami, "Japanese Response to the 3rd Armitage-Nye Report"

[PDF version]On August 15, a bipartisan group led by former US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage and Harvard professor Joseph Nye published t...

2012/10/05 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 161: Satoshi Amako, "Will the Xi Jinping Leadership Change China?"

[PDF version]In 2010, China surpassed Japan in terms of GDP to become the second largest economy in the world, and it is maintaining its high economic...

2012/10/02 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 160: Juichi Inada, "Japan Should Take Steps for Strategic Use of ODA"

[PDF version]The "strategic use" of Japan's ODA (Official Development Assistance) has long been advocated, particularly over the past 20 years since t...

2012/09/26 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 159: Hiroyasu Akutsu, "A Case for a Common Japan-ROK Strategic Vision"

[PDF version]Japan-ROK security cooperation goes nowhere when populism overcomes pragmatism. With the failure to conclude GSOMIA and ACSA earlier this...

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