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2011/12/15 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 139: Ruriko Kubota, "Japan-South Korea Relations in 2012: The Need to Strengthen the Foundations"

[PDF version]South Korean politics has been called a history of discontinuity. This is due to the fact that the country has carried out drastic change...

2011/12/14 | International Conference

The 6th TDNA (Trilateral Dialogue in Northeast Asia) Conference

The 6th TDNA (Trilateral Dialogue in Northeast Asia) Conference,December 14-15, 2011- Report...

2011/12/02 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 138: Juichi Yamagiwa, "Science Diplomacy for Gorilla Ecotourism"

[PDF version]Ecotourism is a style of tourism that has seen steady growth since the 1970s, when the concept of "sustainable development" came into exi...

2011/11/29 | International Conference

The 5th Symposium on Japan-China Relations

The 5th Symposium on Japan-China Relations,November 29-30, 2011- Report...

2011/11/25 | International Conference

The 2nd Tokyo-Seoul Forum

The 2nd Tokyo-Seoul Forum,November 25-26, 2011- Report...

2011/11/22 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 137: Shigeki Hakamada, "Putin's Return to the Presidency and Its Implications for Asia"

[PDF version]A good six months before the actual presidential election, it was virtually certain that Vladimir Putin would return to the presidency. S...

2011/11/11 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 136: Akinori Yonezawa, "World's Most Powerful Computer: Does It Reflect Japan's National Power?"

[PDF version]The Japanese supercomputer "Kei," developed jointly by Fujitsu and RIKEN as a national project, took first place in the top 500 list at t...

2011/10/25 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 135: Yuko Nishitani, "The Hague Convention on International Child Abduction and Japan's Move Toward Ratification"

[PDF version]Cross-border child abduction has recently attracted great attention in Japan. The problematic, incoming abduction cases arise when a Japa...

2011/10/19 | International Conference

The 10th Japan-Taiwan Forum

The 10th Japan-Taiwan Forum,October 19-20, 2011- Report...

2011/10/12 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 134: Shujiro Urata, "Joining TPP: A Key to Japan's Economic Recovery and Prosperity"

[PDF version]Time is running out fast for Japan to join the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) negotiations. The TPP is the only Asia-Pacific-w...

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