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2010/12/16 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 107: Yoshikazu Shimizu, "China's Domestic Politics behind the Senkaku Incident"

[PDF version] There seems to be a dispute going on within the Chinese leadership over the defense of maritime resources in the East China Sea. Since t...

2010/11/26 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 106: Junichi Fujino, "Keep the Summit in Sight at COP16"

[PDF version] It is highly likely that there is going to be a gap between the Kyoto Protocol commitment period (2008-2012) and the commitment period t...

2010/11/19 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 105: Takashi Kawakami, "The Obama Administration's Security Strategy and the Japan-US Alliance"

[PDF version] Due to a recent shift in American policy toward China, Okinawa is becoming of increasing strategic importance to the United States. This...

2010/11/05 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 104: Susumu Yamakage, "ARF: Move Forward "Not Too Slow""

[PDF version] Yokohama will soon receive the leaders of some 20 economies for the annual meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Esta...

2010/11/02 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 103: Masaru Kohno, "Don't Think Twice about Japanese Politics. It's All Right."

[PDF version] Japanese politics in recent years has often been described with such adjectives as volatile, confused, and unpredictable. Surely, prime ...

2010/10/29 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 102: Hirotaka Watanabe, "Deepening the Alliance within an International Security Community"

[PDF version] Needless to say, alliances are cooperative relationships among states with shared interests. They entail constant friction between allia...

2010/10/26 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 100: Yasuhiro Nakasone, "100th Special Issue - The Future Direction of Japanese Diplomacy"

[PDF version]Diplomatic principlesAs I watch the statecraft of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), whose administration came into being as a result o...

2010/09/28 | AJISS-Commentary

No. 101: Toshiro Tanaka, "Stagnation and Integration in Europe"

[PDF version] The economic crisis, triggered by the bursting of the US housing bubble and exacerbated by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in Septembe...

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