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2021/03/29 | News Release

NPI publishes "Digital Technology and Economy/Finance Annual Research Report 2020"

Launched in FY2020 under the sponsorship of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this study group is scheduled to run for three years until FY2022.  ...

2021/02/15 | News Release

"The Dots and the Lines - What is Global Collaboration in the Age of Great Digital Competition?" ("Digital Technology and Economy/Finance" Study Group - Expanded Public Workshop)

The Nakasone Peace Institute (NPI) held the web conference titled above with Dr. Teruo Kishi (President, Innovative Structural Materials Association, ...

2021/02/05 | News Release

A peer-reviewed article written by Dr. Takahashi, Senior Research Fellow, with Mr. Tanaka, Prof. Tsuda, and Prof. Uchida, was published.

A peer-reviewed article, "The relationships between various aspects of happiness and optimism/pessimism among Japanese, Dutch, and Costa Rican", writt...

2021/01/25 | News Release

Nakasone Peace Institute "Digital Technology and Economy/Finance" 2020 8th workshop &Notification of coming open workshop (held on 2th Feburuary)

The 8th workshop, which theme was " What is the foundation for national security over finance and political economy in the digital age?", was held on ...

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