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Nakasone Yasuhiro Award

Recipients of the 9th Nakasone Yasuhiro Award

Award recipients are listed in the order of their Award Ceremony presentations.

Ms. Takayo NAKAI [Incentive Award]

November 6, 1966 / Japan
Position: Nursing Department, Medical Interpreters’ Research Organization (MEDINT); Nurse, AY Clinic

Actively participating in the Medicine and Surgery field as a volunteer member of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Takayo Nakai has served as a nurse in Cote d’Ivoire and Madagascar. As a member of the Japan Disaster Relief Team and as a nurse registered with Humanitarian Medical Assistance (HuMa), she provided emergency medical care in Pakistan and Haiti following earthquakes, and in the Philippines, Pakistan, and Thailand after disastrous floods. In the current severe situation in which facilities and supplies are in short supply, she works to understand the medical conditions and cultural factors in order to support the local population. In Japan, she has teamed up Japanese medical interpreters and nurses with nursing staff from overseas to deepen understanding of the language and cultural concerns of non-Japanese nurses working in Japan and to contribute to human resources development. The Selection Committee would like to recognize her international support activities.

Mr. Narushige MICHISHITA, PhD [Incentive Award]

Born: August 26, 1965 / Japan
Position: Associate Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)

The rise of China and the instability on the Korean peninsula have created volatile and unpredictable strategic environment in East Asia. As a researcher in the field of international security affairs, Dr. Michishita has actively disseminated his views on Japanese defense policy and the situation on the Korean peninsula both domestically and internationally. By regularly contributing op-ed pieces to the foreign media and giving interviews to foreign reporters, he has communicated Japanese viewpoints accurately and effectively to observers around the world, which in turn has contributed to Japan’s national interests. An expert in theory and practice of security and foreign policy issues, Dr. Michishita has developed an extensive network in the Western as well as Asian policymaking community, and works toward securing peace and stability in the world. The Selection Committee looks forward to his continued dedication to this effort.

Ms. Diane KICHIJITSU [Incentive Award]

United Kingdom
Occupation: Rakugo Storyteller

In her own unique storytelling style, Diane Kichijitsu presents the traditional Japanese performing art rakugo. Her repertoire includes traditional stories and original tales which she performs either in English or Kansai-dialect Japanese, depending on the audience. She works to communicate the attractiveness of traditional Japanese arts to both Japanese and international audiences. Her performances in the UK and US and other countries convey the Japanese lifestyle to Englishspeaking audiences, while such stories as “Wonderful Japan” express to Japanese audiences the surprising and interesting experiences of a newly-arrived foreigner. With licenses in tea ceremony and flower arrangement, and proficiency in dressing herself in kimono, Diane Kichijitsu embraces Japanese culture more enthusiastically than many Japanese people do. The Selection Committee highly evaluates her admiration of traditional culture and her efforts to make it accessible to both Japanese and international audiences.

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